Finding My Way: 60 Spanish Phrases for Spanish learners with English text and Spanish audio and text

This is a “Total-Immersive” video on learning Spanish: Hear Spanish two times without any helping language. Text on the screen has English and Spanish.

The sentences in ‘Finding My Way’ are selected to give you useful sentences and phrases when meeting people, asking directions, explaining what you need, and describing common tourist sights, like museums, cafes, transportation options, etc. Hear each sentence in Spanish twice. Try to say aloud the Spanish sentence. Repetition is a perfect way to help you become more fluent. These sentences are selected from the curated library of the Encore!!! Language Learning App. It’s a screen recording of the mobile App’s powerful My Entries tool that allows you to add any kind of text and audio you need to create customized language lessons. You will hear a combination of native speakers and synthesized voices. The text on the screen gives you guidance, but you do not necessarily need to read along. Think of “Finding My Way” as a playlist of useful sentences to memorize. Once you’ve mastered the vocabulary in these sentences, you’ll be well on your way to feeling confident using Spanish during your next journey! 

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