Explore the benefits of mindful breathing techniques

In addition to an effective approach, learning a foreign language requires the right mental state. At Gurmentor Inc., we have developed a library of mindfulness apps intended to help you explore the numerous benefits of mindful breathing techniques so you can remain grounded in the present moment and achieve all goals in life.

An app for Lower-Back pain Lower Back Strength teaches breathing techniques that can alleviate chronic lower back pain and strengthen your back muscles and ligaments. Whether at work or at home, you can always rely on this app to provide relief from back-related pain and help you live your life to the fullest.
App for Sudden Ups and Downs This app combines mindful breathing techniques with positive visualization and positive self-affirmation to help you stabilize highs and lows of life so you can remain on the course and achieve your goals.
Openness & Flexibility Yoga There is a close mind-body link that allows one to use a body posture to influence the mind state, and this app can help you take advantage of it. Openness & Flexibility Yoga offers customizable breathing sequences that encourage one to open the chest and shoulders and to stretch the spine.