How Encore!!! Language app helps you overcome the challenge of memorizing new words and phrases

The ability to make playlists and choose the number of times you wish to hear a new word or phrase is a powerful feature of the Encore!!! language learning app. Playlists allow you to group items you wish to learn in a context. Then as you listen and speak aloud multiple times gradually the new items start to become part of your long-term memory.

It is very important to recognize the importance of repetition in language learning. Along with the logic of grammar, memorization forms the two core foundations of learning a language. Learning a language is no different from learning how to dance or play a musical instrument. Scientists have calculated we need to use an item of information at least 150 times to move it from short term to long-term memory.

Just as a dancer needs to repeat each movement hundreds of times to develop muscle memory, we need to use a new word or phrase hundreds of times to come to the point where understanding and speaking a new language becomes effortless. Encore!!! app lets you listen to words over and over again with an opportunity to say the words out loud. Repeat the word as many times as you want. Move these new words into your long-term memory. Plug in your earbuds, tap play and take a walk.  

You’ll listen!

You’ll repeat the word! 

You will develop the muscle memory while you become fluent in your new language! 

Encore!!! has an extensive library in 12 languages (with nearly identical content in all of these languages). The library has material sufficient to bring you to intermediate fluency level. You can add more material through Edit My Entries to expand your library.

Download Encore!!! and elevate your language learning to the next level

*The Android version is in the beta test mode - it is free for all the languages. Being in beta mode the version is still being worked on and may not work with all Android devices.