How is the content in Encore!!! library chosen?

To develop the content for the Library provided with Encore!!! our goal has been to provide enough content to bring a user to intermediate fluency level. This means being able to comprehend more than 90% of normally spoken foreign language. Research done by language specialists shows that if one can learn around 3000 most used words and learn three to four verb tenses, one can attain intermediate fluency. We have also chosen the words, sentences and conversations so the library covers most common everyday situations that don’t require any special expertise (not, for example, expertise that an aerospace engineer or heart surgeon may need). 

Vocabulary among the different grammatical categories includes:

Nouns Related to:

  • Places: ~110
  • Education: ~ 100
  • Weather: ~ 90
  • Animals: ~ 40
  • Body: ~ 60
  • Entertainment: ~ 130
  • Food: ~ 80
  • Health: ~ 50
  • Home: ~ 125
  • Relations: ~ 40
  • Work: ~ 120
  • Items we wear: ~ 55
  • Politics: ~ 45

Verbs: (These are arranged in eight categories depending on their usage/difficulty) ~800

Pronouns: 100

Adjectives: Level 1: 200

Adjectives: Level 2: 92

Adverbs: 82

Prepositions: ~ 55

Conjunctions: ~ 40

Cardinal Numbers: 110

Ordinal Numbers: 20

All of these words are also used in sentences. In general, most verb forms are used in the sentences for most of the verbs in the library. For each sentence there are additional useful vocabulary words.

Greetings and Useful Phrases provide about 200 useful words and phrases related to simple everyday needs. These will be very useful for travelers or tourists.

Verb Conjugations include the most useful three or four tenses for beginners. 

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*The Android version is in the beta test mode - it is free for all the languages. Being in beta mode the version is still being worked on and may not work with all Android devices.