How To Integrate ChatGPT With The Encore!!! Language Learning App

The world of online language learning is filled with hype and hyperbole. Promises of learning a language in “15 minutes a day” flow from app descriptions and influencers alike. However, learning a new language is a process that takes time and effort. That time and effort might be able to be eased by the use of new technologies including AI chatbots such as ChatGPT. Let’s take a look at the process of learning a new language and how it can be improved by combining ChatGPT with the Encore!!! app.

What Is ChatGPT being used for?

What Does It Take To Learn A Language?

Learning a language in “15 minutes a day” might be possible, but it would take many years for you to gain fluency. Respected language programs around the world, including those used by government agencies such as the State Department, all recognize that it takes 1000 to 3000 hours of study to gain fluency. The amount of time that it takes all depends on how close the language is to your native one and how complex the language is. 

Technology has produced many ways to make language learning easier, but even the most hyped program still understands that our brain needs repetition to learn new words and grammar skills. Unfortunately, the nature of many of the language learning apps on the market limits the amount of time you can spend studying. The more physical interaction an app requires, the less opportunities you have to use it.

Fortunately, there are apps out there like the Encore!!! Language Learning app that utilizes tried and true teaching methods such as the L1-L2 (or Listen – Speak – Repeat) method. This allows you to maximize the time spent learning a language because it requires less physical interaction. You can learn while driving, doing chores, on public transport, or while going about your daily activities.

Language Learning With ChatGPT

AI chatbots such as ChatGPT have been getting a lot of attention lately, and with good reason. They have the ability to generate content across a wide variety of subjects quickly based on a few prompts. Unfortunately, much like with the language app world, there is a lot of hype around this technology that raises expectations in some and creates fear in others.

Some expect that ChatGPT will be like a magic wand they can use to reduce the effort needed to learn a language. Language teachers fear that this technology will eliminate or diminish their jobs. The reality though is quite different. If we look beyond the hype, we find an incredibly useful tool that can help both language learners and teachers alike. ChatGPT will not reduce the time and effort needed to learn a language, nor will it replace the important role of language teachers. What it will do is help both students and teachers save time and create exciting lessons that can be used both in a classroom and with apps such as Encore!!!

Creating Language Learning Content With ChatGPT

Now that we know that ChatGPT is not a magic wand but another tool to add to our language learning arsenal, the question is what kind of content we can create with it. We ran a few tests to show what is possible with ChatGPT, creating lessons that can be easily integrated into a classroom or into an app such as Encore!! 

The first step is to figure out what prompts will help you generate the content you want for the lesson. Some examples could be:

  • Give me 20 verbs in Japanese for a beginner language learner and use them in sentences in present tense in polite form.
  • Give me 15 phrases in Mandarin that are used in introductions.
  • Give me 10 German phrases for ordering in a restaurant.
  • Give me 25 sentences in Italian about Milan’s architecture and design highlights for an advanced Italian speaker.
  • Give me 20 sentences in French along with useful vocabulary about a walking tour of Paris.
  • Give me 10 phrases to express love in Italian.
  • Give me 12 Dutch phrases related to cooking food.
  • Give me 5 sentences in Japanese for asking directions and give me the vocabulary used in each sentence.

Be creative! You can use ChatGPT to create nearly any content that you want! Ask about vocabulary word lists, useful phrases, city and museum tours, art, and more. ChatGPT will generate the content in the language of your choice and you can ask it to provide you with a translation as well. ChatGPT can create fun lessons that suit you or your students interests. Language learners and teachers are no longer limited to the lessons in a book. You can enhance any lesson plan, or even create entire new ones by using ChatGPT.

Of course, always verify the information provided by ChatGPT to ensure accuracy of lesson content. These chatbots are an emerging and developing technology. Since they rely on user input and data collected from across the internet, there is a chance that it may offer incorrect information in some cases. 

How Do You Use The Content Generated By ChatGPT?

So, you have now generated the language learning content that interests you with ChatGPT. What do you do with it? In some far off science-fiction future you would be able to just upload the lessons right into your brain and instantly absorb the information. That would be great, but sadly that is not possible in our current world. In order to learn to communicate in a new language, you have to take the information and study it. Repetition and practice are still the keys to success on the road to fluency. However, there are more than a few options for you to put this AI generated information to use effectively.

The first way to put this information to work would be as a part of a traditional language learning course. Teachers could take these AI generated language lessons and use them in the classroom as part of their lesson plan. They can even create specialized courses just for specific students. This way a student who might be lagging behind or suffering from a lack of interest can have targeted lessons that will help them to stay engaged with their lessons.

Self-study language learners can also benefit in the same way. By creating lessons that are focused around your interests, you can keep your attention on your language learning efforts. Supplementing a traditional program with a whole new list of vocabulary and phrases will only help you on your road to becoming fluent. 

If you want to really make the AI generated content from ChatGPT shine, then combining it with an app is the way to go. Both teachers and students can benefit from using the content with a language learning app like ChatGPT

How Can You Use ChatGPT Generated Content With Encore!!!

The Encore!!! Language Learning app comes loaded with content on its own. You get vocabulary, grammar, sentences, and conversations built into the lessons to get you started on your language learning journey. This content is in English and paired with any one of the 24 language options that come with the app.

The Encore!!! app also allows you to make playlists of the content and create your own lessons. These playlists let you choose how many times words are repeated in each language and how long of a pause is placed between each repetition. You can also create tests so you can see how your learning is progressing.

Encore!!! also has the MyEntry feature, which is key for ChatGPT users as it is what lets you put your AI generated content to work in the app. This feature lets users upload their own content from anywhere and turn it into a lesson. These user generated lessons can then be turned into playlists so users can consume them and  “listen – speak – and listen again.” These playlists will also soon be able to be shared to any other Encore!!! user, which is great for teachers to be able to share lessons with students. Users can of course also share with others that share their interests, which opens up a whole new and interesting world of crowd created lessons.

Here is how you can turn ChatGPT content into Encore!!! language lessons using the MyEntry feature:

  1. Generate The Content –  This is where you enter your prompts into ChatGPT, for example “Give me 5 sentences in Japanese for asking directions with the vocabulary used for each sentence.”
  1. Place The Content Into A Spreadsheet Open a spreadsheet program such as Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers. You will place the English, Japanese, and transliteration into three separate columns. 
  1. Copy and Send the Content The next step is to copy each of the three columns into an email message and send it to the phone which you use to access the Encore!!! language learning app.
  1. Paste the Content Next, you will take this AI generated content you have sent to your phone and paste it into the Encore!!! app using the MyEntry feature. The English will go into the “Text Box 1” on the New Entry screen. After that you will add the Japanese column into “Text Box 2” and the transliteration column into “Text Box 3”.
  2. Give The Lesson A Voice After you have uploaded the content and pressed done, the app will give you the choice to use Text To Voice or record your own voice reading the words. Recording the content yourself is great for teachers who are experienced with the language and proper pronunciation.
  3. Make A Playlist Now you will make a playlist of this new content. In the image below you can see there is a “medium” length pause chosen and a repetition number of 2. This means that it will repeat the English words or sentence once and the Japanese three times.
  1. Use The Lesson When you play the playlist that you have created, you will see the content of each section, in this case English, Japanese, and the transliteration. You will also be able to hear the content so that you may “listen – speak – repeat” your way to fluency. 

And there you have it. You have turned ChatGPT generated language learning content into a lesson in the Encore!!! Language Learning app. This is just one example of the kind of content you can create. As long as your generated content provides the words in both languages as above, you can use it to create Encore!!! lessons. 


AI technology is bringing massive changes to how we approach many things. Chatbots like ChatGPT are great tools for helping people to learn new languages, but they are even better when the content that is created has a way to be turned into an effective lesson. Encore!!! Language Learning app lets you take this AI generated content and do just that.

Encore!!! has the MyEntry feature and ability to create playlists, with this unique option you can turn any of these AI generated lessons into a “listen – speak – repeat” style lesson that will get you riding down the road to fluency. 

Download Encore!!! and elevate your language learning to the next level

*The Android version is in the beta test mode - it is free for all the languages. Being in beta mode the version is still being worked on and may not work with all Android devices.