Learn the Navajo Anthem using Encore!!! Language Learning App

Learning is a lifelong process and we can learn at any age. Encore!!! app’s MyEntries feature allows you to learn new songs, languages, poetry, etc. This video highlights the ease at which you can learn a complex song. The Navajo Anthem is sung my Radmilla A. Cody, available on her album “Within the Four Directions.” This video is a screen recording of a playlist developed within the Encore!!! Language Learning App. You can see the Navajo language text, its translation into English, as well as notes about the song, the Navajo culture and other historic tidbits, plus links to the information and references. You’ll hear each brief portion of the song 3 times, followed by a pause. In the app the number of repetitions and pause can be adjusted by the user.

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*The Android version is in the beta test mode - it is free for all the languages. Being in beta mode the version is still being worked on and may not work with all Android devices.