Online Language Tutoring and Coaching Optimization using Encore!!!

Online language tutoring has seen a boom in recent years. Language learners have realized the importance of having someone who can help to coach them and converse with them as they practice what they learn in online language lessons. Native speakers are finding opportunities in online foreign language tutoring that let them earn money while sharing their language with eager students. 

For those looking to teach languages online, there are many questions. Which sites to use to find and communicate with students? What apps can optimize tutoring sessions for success? We are going to be taking a look at how to teach language online, along with showing you how Encore!!! can make your tutoring or coaching more effective.

Personalization: The Key To Effective Learning

It is easy to find language lessons online. There are apps and websites that are all promising that you can become fluent in “just 15 minutes a day!” It doesn’t take very long though, before users learn that it takes more than just 15 minutes to learn vocabulary, grammar, and how to use it all effectively. 

It takes over 480 hours of study to learn a new language. When having to commit that much time, it is much more effective for students to learn a language if there is something for them to relate to. The ability to tailor content of lessons to the needs and interests of the student will keep them engaged and motivate them to keep working. Personalized lessons that help students learn a language using real world scenarios they might encounter, content they may enjoy such as films and music, and one on one conversations all go a long way towards improving the educational experience.

Online Language Tutoring: Getting More Personal

We see how important it is to tailor content to students, but nothing is more personal than one on one lessons. Online language coaching programs have become a fantastic way for both native speakers looking to tutor and teachers alike to teach languages online. These programs are becoming more and more popular because they allow for both personalized lesson content, but also personalized communication. 

Online language tutoring

Personalized language coaching online gives students the ability to communicate their needs to their tutor or coach. In turn, the coach can design lessons around the needs of the student. Some even choose to use ChatGPT and other bots as AI language learning tools to help them design a lesson plan or develop content. 

Language tutoring online can be a fulfilling and rewarding way to make some money while interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds who are looking to learn. Here are a few of the best online language tutoring platforms we have found, and what kinds of tutors, coaches, and teachers they are best suited for.

The Best Online Language Tutoring Sites:

Okay, so now you might be wondering how to teach a language online to beginners, or even those looking to refine or brush up their skills. We have chosen a few sites and platforms for online language tutoring that will get you started on the right foot. Each one will fit different kinds of teachers or tutors, as well as different kinds of students. Take a look at each one and see which is the right fit for you.

  • iTalki – For Teachers and Coaches of All Levels: iTalki is a great platform for a wide variety of teachers and tutors to teach a language online. Certified teachers are able to charge a premium rate for their services, while freelance tutors charge lower rates as they coach students and converse with them in their native language.
  • Wyzant – Algorithm Matched Tutoring: Wyzant lets tutors be matched with the students who will benefit from them the most. Potential students are given a series of questions, and based on the answers are matched with the perfect teacher or tutor for them.
  • Live Lingua – Personalized Traditional Lessons: Live Lingua is a platform for private language coaching online using a traditional learning style. Lessons are conducted over video chat and allow for teachers to communicate one on one with students and take them through a lesson plan that suits their learning style and speed.

Once you have picked the perfect platform, now you need to have the tools to help you craft the best custom lesson content. This is where Encore!!! comes in.

Craft Custom Online Language Lessons With Encore!!!

The best online language tutor is going to be one who uses all of the tools available to teach their students. One of the best tools available to any language teacher, tutor, coach, or student is the Encore!!! language learning app. Encore!!! is a unique app that allows for the creation of custom course content. We are going to show you how you can use the Encore!!! app to optimize your lessons and help your students get fluent with content geared to them.

What Is Encore!!!?

The Encore!!! app is designed to use tried and true methods of learning to ensure students are successful on their path to fluency. Encore!!! uses the “Listen –  Speak – Repeat” model of language learning that is used by the most respected schools around the world, along with government agencies. This language learning model has been proven to be effective time after time.

Craft custom online language lessons with Encore!!!

This model is perfect for online language coaching programs, because it works by using the native language of the student as a tool to help them learn the new language. The student listens to a word in their own language, speaks it out loud, then this repeats with the language being learned.This method helps students to commit the new vocabulary to memory through repetition. 

Another thing that makes Encore!!! unique is its ability to create content. Teachers and tutors can create and upload lessons that are geared towards the interests and needs of their students. These custom playlists, quizzes, tests, and lessons can be shared with students individually helping to create a personalized learning environment.

How Tutors and Teachers Can Create Content For Encore!!!

Encore!!! allows teachers, tutors, coaches and even students to create content within the app and share it with others. This is done using Encore’s unique MyEntries and My Playlist features. 

One of the first steps is to get to know your students. If you are making personalized content for students, then you need to find out their goals and reasons for learning. Once you learn what your students value, it is time to start building a lesson plan that will meet students goals and get them on the road to fluency.

Create your lesson plan or use an AI Chatbot to help you design one, and then dive into the MyEntries feature. Teachers can create vocabulary lists, record dialogue for lessons, and create entire lessons designed around what your students are looking to learn or in a way that caters to their interests. You can even find films, songs, and other forms of pop culture content to create engaging lessons on the app.

Unique language learning process with Encore

Encore!!! also lets teachers and tutors create quizzes and tests that they can send directly to their students to take. 


With language students worldwide looking for personalized ways to learn, tutoring online has become a great option for those who are looking to make a little money while sharing their language with others. Effective online tutors will learn how to teach students in a way that will keep them engaged by respecting the reasons they want to learn, and appeals to their interests.

The Encore!!! app gives online tutors and coaches a tool for creating personalized lessons that will keep students engaged. Encore!!! is the perfect match for tutors looking to ensure the successful fluency of their students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really learn a language online?

It is entirely possible to learn new languages online. There are many apps and online tutors available to teach a language as long as you are willing to commit time and effort to your studies.

How do I become a language tutor online?

There are an increasing number of platforms available for language tutors looking to be connected with students. Read up on the best methods for teaching languages, and try out a few platforms to see which one fits your skills and teaching style.

Do online language lessons work?

Online language lessons absolutely work, as long as one is willing to commit to the studies. Promises of learning in shockingly low amounts of study time should be looked at skeptically. But, if you are committed to your lessons you can find your way to fluency with online learning.

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