Encore!!! As A Tool For Teachers To Create Language Lessons For “Flip Class” Environments

When it comes to language learning in the classroom new approaches are always being tested and developed. In recent years, the idea of the “flipped classroom” has come into vogue. This concept brings the learning of new material out of the classroom while saving class time for the process of mastering the lessons. The Encore!!! language learning app is a perfect fit for this style of classroom.

Flipped classroom

We are going to look at what a “flip class” is, and exactly what makes Encore!!! an essential companion for both teachers and students in this type of classroom environment.

What is a “Flipped Classroom”?

The term “flipped classroom” or “flip class” sounds like it might be a complicated form of learning. But the truth is, it is a style that helps to uncomplicate the learning process. The concept is a strategy that “flips” the activities that are normally considered homework into the classroom, and the work normally done in class is done at home.

Language learning lessons in a flipped classroom

This makes it so the instruction of material, which for language learning means vocabulary and memorization, is done outside of the classroom. In the classroom, teachers can focus on helping students to learn the higher order thinking of the lessons. Meaning that teachers can work directly with students on the mastering of grammar, cultural and situational use, articulation and conversation along with testing.

Why “Flipped Classrooms”?

The normal classroom experience leaves students and teachers little time for getting into the deeper aspects of a subject. The limited time spent in classrooms ends up consisting of going over material that was previously covered while introducing some new material for students to quickly memorize. Students are then given homework that cover the more complex areas of language learning, leaving them to partake in these studies “without a net”.

Flipped classrooms as an excellent learning method

The “flipped classroom” concept gives students more opportunity to connect with the complexities of their studies. For language learning students this means that the study of new material such as vocabulary is done in the free time of the student. The classroom time is spent working on the aspects of language learning that would benefit more from direct interaction with a teacher. 

When it comes to language learning especially, “flipped classrooms” are an excellent learning method that benefits students and allows teachers to improve the educational experience. However, a great method of classroom education can be improved by the perfect app, and that is where Encore!!! comes in.

Why Is Encore!!! The Perfect App For Flipped Classrooms?

So now that we know what a “flipped classroom” is, let’s look at why Encore!!! is the app that is the best match for it. Encore!!! provides users with a platform for learning that is closely related to most classroom language learning styles. Rather than “15 minute a day” gamified lessons that consist of word matching button presses, Encore!!! uses a style that is closer to traditional classroom environments. This is due to Encore!!! choosing to use a “listen – speak – repeat” method of learning, which is the style of choice for language schools worldwide.

How Encore!!! And Listen – Speak – Repeat Learning Works For “Flipped Classrooms”

The “listen – speak – repeat” method of language learning utilized by Encore!!! allows students to learn with limited physical interaction. Unlike other apps that require physical interaction to use, Encore!!! lets you turn on your lesson and go about your daily chores. You can use it to learn while driving, doing dishes, riding public transport, exercising, or any other activity that lets you devote a portion of your attention to listening to the words being spoken and repeating them aloud.

By using the Encore!!! app, students are able to study and commit their vocabulary to long term memory outside of the classroom. Teachers can provide a lesson or two at a time, or even the entire lesson plan to the student in the app, and the students can study in their free time. This lets students who memorize at a slower rate to study at the pace of the classroom plans, and those who can learn faster have the ability to memorize vocabulary in advance if they want to.

When the students are in the classroom, they have already memorized the vocabulary and other basics of language learning using the Encore!!! app in their free time. Now, classroom time can be devoted to spending time mastering the language. Teachers are able to focus on the parts of language learning that had previously been relegated mostly to the realm of homework. 

A Deeper Classroom Experience

By shifting the study of vocabulary to outside of the classroom, class time is spent exploring the more complex parts of language and activities that require higher order thinking. Vocabulary learned with an app such as Encore!!!, are brought into the classroom already known and ready for use in these more intense lessons. The “flipped classroom” gives students the chance to get a better learning experience by letting students focus on learning the basics on their own, and having classroom time devoted to more in depth studies.

Lessons on grammar are given more classroom attention, letting teachers help students to understand concepts they may be struggling with. The same holds true for lessons on how and when to use language. Teachers can engage in conversational exercises with students, or discuss higher concepts such as figurative language in an in depth way. Testing also is able to be given more time without worry about test time taking away from lessons.

How Teachers Can Use Encore!!! For Lessons In A Flipped Classroom

Encore!!! is a powerful tool for teachers. Teachers are able to create lessons and playlists of lessons with the MyEntries feature of the app that can be shared with students. This lets language teachers design their in app lessons and create vocabulary lists that will help students meet the expectations of the classroom lesson plans. Students will know what they are expected to learn, and spend as much time with the lessons in Encore!!! as needed.

Use Encore!!! for language learning lessons in a flipped classroom

Teachers can even create in app quizzes, record practice dialogue, and more right in the Encore!! app. This lets teachers ensure their students are prepared for their in classroom lessons, and plan for the deeper in classroom lessons that will assist in mastery and fluency. The test functionality of Encore!!! can also be utilized by teachers to help students be better prepared for in class tests, making pre-tests that students can take to see what vocabulary or grammar they need to focus on.


The “flipped classroom” style of learning allows students to have a deeper learning experience. By shifting the learning of basics such as vocabulary to homework to be done on the students own time, teachers are able to give more attention in class to higher learning concepts including cultural and social aspects of a language and its uses.

Encore!!! is an app that fits perfectly with this style of learning. By providing an app that lets students maximize how much time they spend learning and practicing vocabulary outside of the classroom. Encore!!! does this while using the “listen – speak – repeat” method of learning that has been proven effective worldwide. Using Encore!!! with a “flipped classroom” will benefit students and teachers alike.

Download Encore!!! and elevate your language learning to the next level

*The Android version is in the beta test mode - it is free for all the languages. Being in beta mode the version is still being worked on and may not work with all Android devices.