Encore!!!: A Unique Approach To Learning New Languages

If you are looking to learn a new language, our modern era makes it incredibly easy. Language learning apps have made it so your phone is now a vital tool for expanding your ability to express yourself in new and exciting ways. Not all apps are created equal though. Encore!!! is an app that stands apart from the crowd by taking traditional methods of learning and adding a level of customization that lets you take control of your lessons.

Unique approach to learning new languages

We are going to take a look at all the ways that Encore!!! is unique and how its ability to be customized can take your learning to the next level.

What Makes Encore!!! Different

In the vast sea of language learning apps, Encore!!! is unique in its flexibility and customization. While many apps focus on gamified lessons, where you move through sets of vocabulary words to score points and make goals, Encore!!! is designed to allow you to use our existing lessons or design your own lesson plan and set your own goals.

 Let’s take a closer look at a few of the unique features of Encore!!!

Hear – Speak – Repeat

Encore!!! is one of the only language learning apps that is designed to use the tried and true “L1-L2” method of learning. This method of learning is also known as “Hear – Speak – Repeat”, due to the way learners hear the word in their native language, speak it, and then repeat in the language they are trying to learn. The L1 refers to the native language of the student, and L2 is the language being learned.

 Language learning concept that Encore app uses

With Encore!!!, you can hear-speak-repeat as many times as you need, and even customize the space of the pauses between the words. You can also, once comfortable, turn off the L1 language so you are only hearing the language you are trying to learn. 

This “L1-L2” method is key to Encore!!! and its customization and features, along with being the method of learning of choice for international language schools whose students need to become both fluent and proficient in a language. Instead of just looking at the word, hearing it, and tapping on the right words to form a sentence; you instead get to practice and perfect proper use and pronunciation of the words. Users also benefit from being able to not just recognize and memorize vocabulary, but how to form the words with their mouths as well.

Mental Interactivity vs Physical Interactivity

Many language learning apps require you to be constantly interactive. While there are advantages to requiring the full attention of the user, it also limits the amount of time that most people can devote to using the app. This is why many of these apps advertise themselves with the promise of being able to learn in 15 minutes a day, because a large number of potential users can only spare 15 minutes of their full physical and mental attention.

Studies have shown that one needs around 500 hours of study to reach an “intermediate” level of fluency. This means that you would need 2000 days (or 5 and a half years) of study with one of these apps to reach that intermediate level. 

Encore!!!, on the other hand, lets you learn whenever and wherever you want. You can choose the level of interactivity you need and then practice your language during your commute, while at the gym, doing chores, or even just laying in bed. This lets you devote all the time you need to your studies.

Create Your Own Content With My Entries

When it comes to customization, the ability to create your own lessons is one of the most revolutionary. Encore!!! gives you the power to take control of your studies and learn the things you value most. Is there a phrase you really need to learn? You can record it right into the app and add it to your lessons. You can use the app to learn language using Song lyrics, lines heard in a movie, poetry, or the translation of an upcoming business presentation. You can record them into the app and make them part of your lessons.

Teachers can also benefit from this wonderful tool for learning languages in the classroom. Create entire lessons specifically for your class using the My Entries Function. You can even create specific lessons for individual students, and send them directly to the student for them to study. Encore!!! goes from being a home language learning app, to a vital classroom tool with ease!

Unique language learning process with Encore

This is all possible due to the “Hear – Speak – Repeat” method of language learning making it easy to record content and turn it into lessons. 

Expand Your Grammar With My Playlists

Many language learning apps focus on learning vocabulary and grammar takes a backseat. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to use the vocabulary you have learned to properly communicate. Grammar is one of the more challenging aspects of learning a new language, and can be difficult to implement in the learning format used by these other apps. The other side of this coin is that once you tackle the challenge of grammar, progress in learning a language becomes easier.

The MyPlaylist feature of Encore!!! gives you the ability to put together lessons that will let you master grammar, and focus on the aspects of the language you might be struggling with most. Teachers can also use this to help their students learn by placing lessons in the order they will be covered, and giving assistance to students in the lessons they need extra work on. 

MyPlaylists works alongside the My Entries feature to allow for fully customizable educational experiences, all right in the app!

Encore!!! Puts You In Control

Traditionally, many people will associate the “Hear – Speak – Repeat” method of language learning with some older methods like learning from audiotapes; Encore!!! takes that concept and builds on it in ways that put the user in control of their studies. Those older methods left you with only the options to rewind, fast forward, or pause manually, and you were limited to the included lessons. Encore!!! allows its users the ability to create lessons, choose how many times an entry is repeated, and how long the pause is between repetitions. You can speed up and slow down the speed of the recordings, choose to get a breakdown of the vocabulary words in a sentence, remove one of the languages, and rearrange the orders of the lessons.

Those are just a few of the options Encore!!! gives users to put them in control of their studies. Add in the possibilities from the My Entries and MyPlaylists, and you have one of the most well rounded and customizable language learning apps available.

How Much Content Do You Get From Encore!!!

The Encore!!! language learning app comes with a 30,000 word library across 20 languages. This is enough to get you to an intermediate level of fluency in these languages, with about 3000 unique words per language, along with conversations, sentence use, grammar rules, and more.

Learn a new language with Encore app

All of that is just to get you started though, because with the My Entries and MyPlaylists options you can keep adding more words, sentences, and any content you need or want to learn. This customizability makes Encore!!! a valuable tool for learners who want to keep growing, as well as teachers who want to have more options for making customizable lessons.


The Encore!!! mobile language learning app is unique amongst its competitors in its flexibility, customization, and the style of learning it uses. This “Hear – Speak – Repeat” style of language learning is one of the most widely used by top educational institutions to achieve fluency. Encore!!! is one of the only apps to use this method of learning, and does so in a format that allows you to maximize your time by being able to study while going about your daily activities. Instead of requiring your full physical and mental attention, Encore!!! lets you learn while your hands are occupied with chores, exercise, or driving.

The ability to create lessons and playlists is enabled and enhanced by this “Hear – Speak – Repeat” style of learning, and lets users learn more than just what is included with the app or focus on exactly the content they need. Give Encore!!! a try and see how its unique features and learning style can help you achieve the fluency you desire.

Download Encore!!! and elevate your language learning to the next level

*The Android version is in the beta test mode - it is free for all the languages. Being in beta mode the version is still being worked on and may not work with all Android devices.