The Best Way To Learn Italian Is With The Encore!!! App

Italian is a beautiful language that is descended directly from Latin, the language of ancient Rome! Because of this beauty and history, a lot of people find themselves searching for the best way to learn Italian. Well, there are an increasing number of options available for language learners including app based learning tools like Encore!!! to choose from. We consider Encore!!! the best app to learn Italian, and in this article we will be taking a look at why this app is your best choice, as well as some other resources to supplement your studies and help you learn even faster.

best way to learn Italian language

How To Learn Italian Fast On Your Own

Italian is considered one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take some work. On average, it will take around 6 months of regular study (1000-1500 hours) to reach a level of basic fluency and comfort with conversing with native Italian speakers. While this may seem daunting, if you have the right tools at your disposal this time will fly by and you will enjoy the learning process. 

Today, apps have replaced a lot of the previous solutions for learning a language. Instead of having to carry around a book or listen to a CD, you can now access any part of a lesson at any time and do it from a device that you carry with you already. Apps, such as Encore!!!,  are an essential tool to learn Italian fast.

You can also benefit from spending as much time immersing yourself in the language. The best way to learn italian on your own will always include as much immersion as possible. The more you think, hear, and speak Italian; the more you will absorb it. There are many great ways to increase your immersion and we will be addressing some easy ones later in the article. 

Encore!!! Is The Best App To Learn Italian

There are multitudes of language learning apps on the market today, and both the Google and Apple app stores are filled with a mind bending number to choose from. Some are more well known than others, with apps like Duolingo getting the most attention. Just because an app is the best marketed, is it one of the best apps for learning Italian?

Encore!!! vs. Duolingo

When it comes to deciding from the best apps to learn Italian, the most important comparison to make would be by comparing Encore!!! to its top competitor Duolingo. Obviously, different people learn better using different methods, so part of these decisions will always be subjective and based on personal tastes. 

Duolingo uses a method of learning known as gamification. Their app uses a level based system that lets you go through a learning program that rewards you for each lesson you complete and how well you complete it. Many users say that it is great for learning vocabulary, but less effective when it comes to more advanced matters such as grammar and sentence structure.

Duolingo app to learn Italian

Meanwhile, Encore!!! uses a more classic style known as the L1-L2 method. This uses repetition of words in the user’s first language as well as the target language. This is closer to how language classes are traditionally taught. As you learn more, want to review, or find a word/phrase you want to focus on; you can choose to just use the target language too.

Encore is the best learn Italian app

When it comes to convenience, Duolingo requires you to interact with the app at all times in order to complete a lesson. Encore!!!, instead will allow you to set up a lesson and learn while you drive to work, do chores, or any other activity. This means you can use Encore!!! for longer hours in a day and learn Italian fast.

Encore!!! Lets You Customize Your Learning Experience

One of the reasons why Encore!!! is among the best apps to learn Italian, is that it gives you the flexibility to create a learning experience that will teach you how you want to be taught. You can use an existing “Lesson Plan” playlist, or make one yourself that chooses the words/phrases/sentences from the content for learning Italian language that resides in the app’s library. The choices don’t stop there either, you can also decide how long the lesson is, the speed of the audio, the number of repetitions, and how long the pause is for you to repeat the word in. From there, you can test yourself and gauge your skill in any lesson whenever you feel ready to do so!

On top of all of that, you can use the “My Entries” function of the Encore!!! app to make your own content. This could come from any source and you can record it right into the app. Lyrics to a song, dialogue from a movie, specific phrases you may need to master for a job; all of these and more possibilities are at your disposal. 

learn Italian fast with My Entries feature in Encore

Encore!!! Works Offline

Another thing that sets Encore!!! apart from any other app to learn Italian on the market is the ability to use it offline. Parts of your day when you have the most opportunity to use an app to learn Italian, might be when you are commuting or in a location that might have spotty internet service. No matter where you are, you can use Encore!!! Without having to worry about an internet connection. On a plane, a train, a trail, or a building with a bad signal; you can access the content stored locally on your device as you study your lessons.

Using Other Italian Learning Resources

Immersion is the fastest way to learn Italian, and Encore!!! is an immersion based learning experience. That doesn’t mean it should be the only tool you use however. Take every opportunity you can to learn by finding more ways to immerse yourself. 

Netflix and other streaming apps offer Italian language shows and English shows with Italian dubs and subtitles, you can use those to be entertained while also experiencing more of the language and culture. Books, songs, language learning websites, all types of content you can take in will assist in your efforts for learning Italian language skills. As mentioned, you can even record words and phrases from this content to use as part of your lesson plan. 

Other opportunities might come from recording words and lessons from a language learning book, or finding a native italian speaking friend or relative to help you learn!

Encore!!! offers a YouTube playlist with some amazing lessons too!


Italian is a beautiful language with a rich history, and is one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn. In our modern era, the best way to learn Italian is by using an app. Encore!!! Is an app that offers you a unique amount of flexibility in when and how you learn, and will get you on the road to fluency. By allowing you to immerse yourself and customize your learning experience while using a proven approach, Encore!!! gives you control over how fast and how much you learn. When combined with the motivation to study and practice daily, the results will speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Best Way To Learn Italian

1. Is Italian hard to learn?

Italian is one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn. As a Romance language, it is closely related to many other European languages and more than a quarter of English words originate from that language family. Italian also has very straightforward pronunciation and grammar rules.

2. How long does it take to learn Italian?

Italian takes roughly 24-30 weeks of daily study (1000-1500 hours) to achieve a level of fluency that will make you comfortable speaking with a native speaker. Some might learn faster or slower, based on learning ability. An app such as Encore!!! will ensure you get the most out of every hour of study.

3. What is the best app to learn Italian?

Encore!!! is the best app to learn Italian. Using immersive learning and an L1-L2 approach, you will be using proven learning methods. You also can create custom lessons and learn offline to allow you to learn how and when will work best for you.

4. How can I teach myself Italian?

The easiest way to teach yourself Italian is by using an app that allows you to immerse yourself in the language and uses repetition to make sure you retain what you learn. Encore!!! is the perfect app for that, due to its proven approach and easy to use Lesson Plans.

5. How can I learn Italian fast for free?

You can learn Italian fast for free by using an app that offers free learning options, and combining that with other immersive learning techniques. Watching Netflix or other content that offers Italian language and English subtitles is a fantastic way to supplement the free version of Encore!!! and other apps.

6. What are the benefits of learning Italian?

Italian is the native language of over 69 million people in Europe alone, and is closely related to Romance languages such as Spanish, French, and Portugese. On top of helping you understand those languages and being great for travel, Italian also will help you better understand English due to the number of words that originate from Latin.

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