Mandarin is spoken by a billion people making it the most widely spoken language in the world. The language is written in the Chinese characters which are symbolic. The use of Hanyu pinyin to represent the pronunciation has made the language accessible to people who may not have learnt the Chinese character system. The language is tonal with four tones that need to be mastered as many words are similar and can cause confusion if the right tone is not used or recognized.

The structure of the Chinese language is such that it is relatively easy to learn. Verb conjugation is relatively simple. Article and gender use is minimal and it is easy to develop vocabulary as words for weekdays and months use counting terms so if you learn how to count you can acquire the vocabulary for days and months. In this playlist we show screen recordings of playlists made using Encore!!! library content and MyEntry content. In these videos we have added images and visuals to the direct screen recordings to help the user learn and memorize.

Finding My Way: 60 English Phrases with English audio + English and Mandarin text

This is a "Total Immersive" video for learning English for those who know Mandarin. You only hear English twice but you can see the screen text in Mandarin and English.

Finding My Way: 60 English Sentences with English and Mandarin audio + text

This is a "Semi-Immersive" English learning video using Mandarin as a helping language.

Finding My Way: 60 Mandarin Phrases with Mandarin audio + Mandarin and English text

This is a "Total-Immersive" video on learning Mandarin: Hear Mandarin two times without any helping language. Text on the screen has English and Mandarin.

Finding My Way: 60 Mandarin Sentences with English and Mandarin audio + text

This video is an example of a "Semi-Immersive" Mandarin learning experience created in Encore!!! Language Learning app. You hear the helping language English once and Mandarin twice.